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The Fastest Way to Build, Train and Deploy AI Models

CodeAssist converts raw data to business impact in minutes.


No Coding Required

CodeAssist provides a low-code/no-code approach to build workflows through a drag and drop interface.

Design simple workflows in minutes.

Choose your source data, specify what you want the pipeline to do and design simple workflows in minutes - no coding required!

Scalable ML Pipeline Deployment.

Save time by automating the deployment of your machine learning pipeline so that you can focus on more important tasks.

Build smarter, faster machine learning pipelines.

The pipeline builder provides a visual interface for data pre-processing, model building and training.

Collaborative workflows.

CodeAssist makes it easy to collaborate with your team on the same project in real time.

Data exploration and visualization tools.

Visualize data sets through interactive charts and graphs or export them as PDFs for presentations to clients or stakeholders.

Eliminate tedious tasks and build your machine learning models in minutes.

CodeAssist is the first platform for building, training and deploying ML models in the fewest clicks possible.

Automate repetitive tasks with one click.

We have an extensive library of code snippets to automate common ML tasks like data pre-processing, model selection, hyperparameter tuning etc..

Work smarter not harder with our visual UI builder.

Design powerful Machine Learning workflows visually without any coding required

Cut down costs a LOT.

CodeAssist supports low-cost training by optimising resources and optimises models to run on CPU so you don't have to worry about your cloud bills.

Reduce costs by up to 80%.

Save money with low cost, highly scalable end to end pipeline automation from preprocessing data to deploying models at scale.

Cut Development Time in Half

Automatically create your pipeline using a point & click interface. Start modeling faster than ever before!

Make AI easy for Data Scientists and ML Engineers

AI Practitioners spend hours on end manually setting up machine learning pipelines for every new project, wasting valuable time on hyperparameter tuning and creating needless risk of human error. CodeAssist does the heavy lifting for you by enabling data scientists to focus on their core competencies.

Business Experts don't have to be AI experts.

We understand that not everyone has the time or patience to learn about machine learning. You don't need to be an expert programmer or data scientist - just use our intuitive visual builder with a simple drag and drop interface to create custom solutions for specific problems.

Automated Machine Learning.

Automate the process of building ML pipelines from pre-processing data to building, training and deploying models at scale.

Define your pipeline.

Define the steps in your pipeline with an intuitive graphical interface and click on any step to learn more about it's parameters.

Train your model.

Once you've defined all of the steps in your ML pipeline, train a predictive model by clicking "Train Model". You can also upload new data for retraining or rerunning previous models.

Deploy & Integrate.

Finally, deploy the trained model as a web service so it can be integrated into any application with just one line of code!

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